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The Color Matching Process

Our color matching process begins with you, the client. Specifically, a sample of your color and some basic information on the final product that you will be producing.

First, provide us with a sample of your desired color. Or, you may request samples of previously formulated colors to select from. Suggested sample forms:

  • The final product
  • Paper
  • Paint
  • Pantone color number
  • Film
  • Other Materials

Second, we will use the application requirements specified, in the pigment selection for your color formula. Please include the following information on your final product:

  • The application
  • The base resin used
  • Whether the product needs FDA approval
  • Requested lifetime of the part if exposed to sunlight
  • Your production process, including typical heat the product will be processed under
  • Part thickness
  • Let down ratio
  • Color tolerance
  • Whether Spectrophotometric (Delta E Tolerances) readings are required
  • Whether a sample of color concentrate is requested

After we receive your sample, we will take initial Spectrophotometric readings to generate a starting formula for the color. An initial sample run is then produced and compared to the sample on a visual and Spectrophotometric basis. Once a final color match is achieved, we will provide you with sample chips, an MSDS, an FDA Certification Letter (if applicable), and a sample of the color concentrate if so requested.

Our Color Matching Department is working for you, to produce the best color, at a price that meets your application's requirements. For instance, if your product is disposable, we can use pigments with lower light stability and thereby reduce the cost of your final product.