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Products made from NPC resins, additives, and pigments include:

Consumer products | Automotive products | Houseware products | Composite materials | Packaging materials | Agriculture | Medical


Masterbatch color concentrate constitutes the majority of color produced at NPC. Organic or inorganic pigments are offered as well as FDA approved blends. Masterbatch has excellent distribution and dispersion characteristics, and we can provide tints and hues, as well as colors with a pigment loading of over 75%. All colors and additives are available in strand-cut, underwater die-cut, and micro cut.



To simplify your production process, NPC offers to blend color concentrates with specified additives needed in the final product. This service allows you to blend fewer compounds with the base resin. Examples of such additives include:

UV Stabilizers
Protects the base resin from the effects of sunlight, which extends the life of your final product.

Protects the base resin from the effects of processing.

Anti-Static Agents
Helps eliminate the development of a static charge in processing and in the final product. Anti-Static Agents are commonly used to increase the shelf life of many consumer products.

Slip Agents­ Oleamide/Erucamide
An internal lubricant that blooms to the surface, providing the necessary lubricity to reduce friction and thereby improving the slip characteristics. Film products typically use slip agents.

Anti-Blocking Agents ­ Silica & Treated Talcs
This agent modifies the surface of a product to prevent it from sticking to itself or another surface. Film products commonly use anti-blocking agents.

Processing Aids
There are additives that you may desire in your raw material, that we can include to aid in the processing of your products. An example might be calcium stearate, which is used as an internal lubricant. Other examples are zinc stearate and polyethylene wax.


Dry Color

Precise color duplication and excellent dispersion can also be achieved by using dry color.

NPC's dry colors are produced with the state of the art blending equipment. We insure complete and even dispersion throughout each colorant.

Blended dry color is very popular for those who want to color very small production batches. We can formulate any color to meet your needs.



Liquid Color

National Plastics Color offers a full line of liquid colorants. Some clients prefer liquid colorant for its high loading and ease of dispersion. Liquid colorant also uses a broad-based carrier, which allows its use in most resins. Many times this can reduce the number of required inventory items in your factory.

National Plastics Color also offers a special combination of Sand Mills Cowles Mixers and milled pigments to provide a high quality dispersed liquid colorant.

We will work with you to design an appropriate dispensing system that works with your current process. NPC can send to your factory liquid colorant technicians that will work with your current situation to ensure a successful implementation.